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Image Masking


Image masking is one of the techniques used in image manipulation for media and advertising agencies. This involves either hiding or showing an object or subject, or parts of it, in an image. The mask can hide what is in the image like in a foggy window display. It can also create masks that heighten the interest of the subject or object in the image. There are different techniques in image masking, such as alpha masking, layer masking, channel masking, etc. These techniques ensure that the original image is not destroyed or tampered with in any way so that the original image is always intact.

Image Masking

Why Us

Infouna Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with a team of highly experienced and skilled artists and technicians who are masters of Adobe Photoshop. With a single-minded passion and dedication to this art, they ensure that whatever you have in mind is created in reality in no time at all. They ensure that this is done keeping in mind the highest quality standards and deadlines. No task is too challenging or difficult for them. Whether you want the mask to be created on an entire image or just a portion of the image, you can be rest assured that you will get what you want just the way you envision it.

What Would You Get

  • Our artists and technician create world-class quality masks by hand.
  • They preserve all the important elements of your original image, such as pixel data, while creating distinctive and innovative interface elements which are flexible.
  • The experts at Infouna Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can create masks made of semi-transparent objects such as smoke, feathers, glasses, silk muslin cloth, etc.
  • They can also create masks with opaque materials such as fur, hair, etc.
  • Our design experts only increase their technical prowess and expertise as the complexity of the assignment increases, so you know you are getting the best image masking service in the world when you come to Infouna Technologies Pvt. Ltd..

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