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Packaging Prepress

High end Prepress solutions for your packaging needs

Our methodology in Prepress activities are adhere to industry standard and printing specifications. Here it is essentially the procedures and parameters that has to be in accordance with print ready art work. Here we represent the preparation of digital files for printing and comes after the design and page layout stage. We represent those steps needed to transform the original copy such as Colour separation, butting elements & images, Creating Bleed, Trapping & Pull back and Barcode creation etc.


Why Us

Infouna Technologies Pvt. Ltd. specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions to clients from various industries for their packaging premedia needs. The designs we provide are always customer friendly and ultimately help the business increase sales and brand recognition. We focus on all the aspects of attractive design, from the aesthetics to the functionalities, trends and ergonomics, to give you a packaging design that 100 reflects your brand message and strategy. Our designs help to make your brand visually different from others, thus creating greater brand recall and brand loyalty.

Providing cutting-edge premedia solutions for packaging industries

High-End Solutions

We strive hard and provide value added services and solutions that has helped many companies to succeed.

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