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Proofreading and QC


In the publishing industry, proofreading and QC is an integral part of any publication. Whether it is an eBook, a published book, a scientific paper, journal, or manual, without professionally done proofreading and QC services, the entire credibility, accuracy, and even reliability of the text can be questioned. It is not just a matter of correct spelling and proper grammar, but even the reputation of the author and the publishing house is at stake when there are mistakes in this department. That is why it is absolutely imperative that the proofreading and QC be done by a team of professionals from a credible and reputed organization.

Proofreading and QC

Why Us

Infouna Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a team of dedicated, qualified, and highly skilled proofreaders and quality analysts. They are perfectionists under whose watchful eyes not a single mistake will pass unnoticed. Even though there are software and tools today that can help with proofreading, the reality is that nothing can match the accuracy and perfection of a human brain and eyes. That is why Infouna Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is proud of their team of professionals who have guided many books and publications to their rightful place in the publishing industry through their impeccable proofreading and analytical skills.

What Would You Get

  • When you hand over your proofreading and quality control projects to us, what you get is a systematic, thorough, and meticulous quality control process with quality control checks at multiple points in the workflow.
  • Our team of professionals is well versed with all aspects of the publishing industry and takes care of the entire process to assure 100% accuracy, precision, and efficiency.
  • Not only do you save time and resources, but also money as our services is also cost effective. We help you get your publication out in the world within the stipulated deadline every single time.

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We strive hard and provide value added services and solutions that has helped many companies to succeed.

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